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Big Horizons. Bigger Possibilities.

Think Billings helps growing companies discover the opportunities that Billings has to offer by connecting businesses to the resources they need to succeed. We are the stewards of economic growth and business for Billings.

Key Industries



Billings houses offices and training facilities for several top US energy companies. Why? Our access to nearby shale formations, coal reserves, oil fields and wind farm facilities make this an ideal place to take off your boots and stay. Tell someone in energy you’re in Billings. You’ll get a knowing smile in return. Billings is working for them.


Healthcare & Health Supply Chain

Whether they live out in the sticks or even in towns in northern Wyoming, western North and South Dakotas, or southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, folks head to Billings for healthcare. They can take their pick from two award-winning hospitals for everything from preventative care to the expert handling of complex diagnoses and treatments. You’ll find hundreds of the most talented, pioneering professionals in town working in these facilities. It’s a great place for any healthcare-based business to put down roots.


Regional Headquarters & Back Office Operations

Businesses all around the country are taking notice that Billings is Montana’s Business Headquarters. We have the workforce edge by offering a ready-made, talented workforce at low labor costs and tax rates that will propel rather than hinder growth for your business. Our city works for you to provide space, talent and tax incentives to build your future here. Welcome to the land of possibilities!

Data & IT

Data Centers & IT Services

Operations, Data and Call Centers for national companies are seeing plenty of success and growth in Billings. Why? There are two major reasons. One, low labor costs and tax rates offer a competitive advantage. Two, we are powering Montana’s economy with a young workforce that wants to balance work and play. Putting in a hard day’s work is no problem when it’s rewarded by heading to the mountains and rivers to fish, camp, hike and ski. This is where Big Business has met Big Sky Country and it’s a perfect match.



Billings is truly Montana’s city and it serves as an access point for millions of people within a day’s drive. It’s teeming with raw talent and the drive to create. Our innovative workforce rises to the challenge of turning abundant raw commodities into highly marketable products including machinery, chemicals, plastics and even value-added food products. Your products future growth can be built right here.


Warehousing Transportation & Logistics

When you think Billings, it’s easy to picture the beauty of our wide, open spaces and sweeping vistas of our big horizons. These big horizons come with big possibilities too. Billings is a major interstate connection to Denver, Calgary, Salt Lake City and Spokane which are all within a day’s drive. With plenty of space and opportunity for warehousing and distribution operations, Billings wants to grow with you and position your business to take off from where the rubber meets the road.


Economic Overview

Yellowstone County, Montana
Ready to get down to brass tacks? These facts and figures will show you exactly how Billings is powering Montana’s economy.

Major Employers

Grow your business in the economic heartbeat of Montana. You’ll be in good company joining this list of major employers in the Billings area.

Quality of Place

From the Rimrock cliffs to the Rocky Mountain Front we boast the best in wilderness, education, business, healthcare and cuisine. Billings is where you find Montana at its best! We are Montana’s City.


With over 16,000 students, Billings has the largest public school system in Yellowstone County and Montana.

Communications & Utilities

Montana’s service providers offer advanced voice, data and video telecommunications services throughout the state.


Being the largest city in the State of Montana and serving such a substantial amount of people from all directions, Billings is equipped with the necessary roadways to get in and out of the city in all directions effortlessly.


Billings has a hot-summer humid continental climate, closely bordering on semi-arid with dry, hot summers, and cold, dry winters.


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