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Billings is Montana’s Big City and is the regional business hub. From financial services to world-class healthcare and consumer product manufacturing to steel production, the region’s diverse economy provides the stability for a vibrant community. Billings is the place where businesses succeed, families flourish, and the life balance most can only dream of is a reality.

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  • Health/Fitness Ranking For the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, researchers asked at least 300 adult residents in each of the 189 U.S. metropolitan areas how satisfied they were with the metro area in which they lived. The Billings metro area was among the top ten for residents’ satisfaction. www.gallup.com, “City Satisfaction Highest in Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo.,” April 11, 2014
  • Real Estate Ranking Billings was ranked #154 out of 275 metro areas in terms of house price appreciation in 2014 (#1 = highest rate). Federal Housing Finance Agency, House Price Index, 4th Quarter 2014
  • Sports/Recreation Ranking Billings was chosen as a bicycle friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists. A “Bicycle Friendly Community” welcomes cyclists by providing safe accommodation for cycling and encouraging people to bike for transportation and recreation. There are four award levels: Platinum; Gold; Silver; and Bronze. The community achieved an award level of Bronze. League of American Bicyclists, “Bicycle Friendly Community Master List,” Fall 2013
  • “Great Places to Live” The editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine chose the ten best cities of manageable size (less than a million residents) with a sound job market, reasonably priced homes, good schools, and access to excellent healthcare facilities. The Billings metro area earned the #6 spot on the Kiplinger’s list. www.kiplinger.com, “10 Great Places to Live,” July 2013
  • Business/Finance Rankings The Billings metro area appeared on the Milken Institute “2013 Best Performing Cities” list. Rank: #50 out of 179 small metro areas. Criteria: job growth; wage and salary growth; high- tech output growth. Milken Institute, “Best-Performing Cities 2014,” January 2015
  • Business/Finance Rankings Forbes ranked 184 smaller metro areas to determine the nation’s “Best Small Places for Business and Careers.” The Billings metro area was ranked #40. Forbes, “The Best Small Places for Business and Careers 2014,” July 23, 2014
  • Environmental Rankings The Billings metro area came in at #47 for the relative comfort of its climate on Sperling’s list of “chill cities,” as measured by the Sperling Heat Index. All 361 metro areas are included. www.bertsperling.com, “Sperling’s Chill Cities,” July 18, 2013
  • Environmental Rankings In general the Southeast and South-Central regions have the highest risk of weather extremes and earthquakes, while the Pacific Northwest enjoys the lowest risk. Of the least risky metropolitan areas, the Billings metro area was ranked #22. www.bestplaces.net, “Safest Places from Natural Disasters,” April 2011
  • Safety Ranking The National Insurance Crime Bureau ranked 380 metro areas in the U.S. in terms of per capita rates of vehicle theft. The Billings metro area ranked #38 (#1 = highest rate). Criteria: number of vehicle theft offenses per 100,000 inhabitants in 2012. National Insurance Crime Bureau, “Hot Spots 2012,” June 26, 2013

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