Why Billings?

Big skies and fresh air help people think better out here. Billings is a place where opportunity isn’t industry specific, it’s a way of life. And it’s been this way since we were just a railroad stop in 1882. Billings has combined a rich western history, hometown values, and a bustling economy to become Montana’s city.

Why Billings? Billings is the economic heartbeat of Montana and the most populous area for a 500 mile radius, making it a natural regional hub for services and amenities. Our area offers many qualities key to economic success, including a solid hard working and well-educated workforce; a diverse economy; and an unquestionably pro-business climate. Think business, think growth, think Billings.

How can we help? Think Billings is committed to supporting and growing our dynamic economy by attracting companies that value hard work, loyalty, and getting the job done right. We’re here for you. We invite you to catch the next flight, come breathe the fresh air, explore the city and sites, and see what has everyone thinking Billings.

Why You Should Think Billings Montana


Pro-Business Climate

When it comes to taxes, Montana got it right. Businesses can expect a tax burden that ranks well below the national average. In fact, it’s one of the only lists we’re proud puts us near the bottom. That means more bucks for your bottom line.

Labor Force

Hiring in Montana means tapping into our talented and growing group of qualified employees. Our talent is high quality at a great rate for all levels of education.


Billings is the “Big City” in Montana. While we know “big” is a relative term, we love that it means we have the best of both worlds here. We’re proud to have small town charm in a city that acts as a hub for a huge region that includes Montana, Wyoming and western North and South Dakotas. We think that’s a “big” deal!

Higher Education

If you are looking for educated candidates to fill positions in your company, we’ve got you covered. Rocky Mountain College and Montana State University- Billings graduate thousands of highly-qualified candidates with tangible experience into our workforce every year. Whether it’s a Battlin’ Bear or a Yellowjacket, you’re sure to find a feisty competitor ready to put their education to good use for your company.


By air, rail or road, Billings is a gateway to the rest of Montana, northern Wyoming, western North and South Dakotas and even southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. This is where logistics are made easy for you. Our airport is ready for your wide-body planes. Our railroad is rated Class I and used by BNSF. We are at the heart of northern road transportation hosting both Interstates 90 and 94 and a nearby connection to Interstate 25. No matter what your business, we’ll help you get a move on!

Cost of Living

You want bang for your buck? We enjoy extremely reasonable rates on our utilities. Our role as a hub for our region also brings in the highest quality technology giving us innovative business solutions and great connectivity.


Our city is anything but “small town” when it comes to healthcare. We have not one, but two competitive, state-of-the-art hospitals adding to both the physical and economic well-being of our community.


With more shopping, restaurants and entertainment than anywhere else in the region, our neighbors are flocking to us like moths to a flame. We’re the hub for big box shopping and your boutiques for the finer things too. Billings also knows the way to win over the visitors’ hearts is through their stomachs. The food and brew scene is a sight for sore eyes to those traveling through, for sure. What’ll ya have?

Think Business. Think Growth. Think Billings.

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CEOs Speak

While we can talk about how great our community is until we are blue in the face, we decided to let our CEOs tell you for themselves why Billings is an excellent place to do business and the perfect place to live your life.
“Billings’ unique location on I-90 accommodates traffic from the East and West and intersects with the North and Southbound freight corridor, supplementing the transportation demands from Alaska and Canada to Texas and Louisiana.”
Mike Wilson, President & CEO of Whitewood Transport
Whitewood Transport is recognized as Montana’s leading motor carrier after having been awarded Montana’s Motor Carrier of the Year for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 by the Motor Carriers of Montana.
“Billings has the regulatory framework and community infrastructure that is responsive to energy interests. From the top down, the state and city have worked hard to address our unique challenges. And that’s important to us.”
James McCord, CEO of Bay Limited
“One of the best things about doing business in Billings is the blended combination of hard working ethics with rock solid capabilities of the work force. Kinetic’s clients are all over the country, we compete with big city agencies, and never have I worried that our smaller urban center can’t keep up. And our people will outwork them any day. I see these characteristics everywhere I go in Billings.”
Dana Pulis, Principal of Kinetic


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