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Why Billings?

Montana is a leader in creative thinking. Big skies and fresh air seem to help people think a little better here. It’s the kind of thinking that welcomes new business. We invite you to Billings and to understand why we say Billings is where blue sky meets bottom line.

Think Billings Workforce Talent

With educational attainment outpacing the nation and a myriad of training programs developed to meet the needs of the business community, Billings is well positioned to provide the talented workforce for any business’s needs.

Billings takes the issue of workforce seriously. In order to ensure that the needs of the business community are met, Billings has a BillingsWorks Workforce Council comprised of over 60 public and private entities that convene to attract talent to our community, align business needs with education opportunities and curriculum, analyze and benchmark local workforce trends and provide support for businesses with immediate workforce needs.

This group has all of the workforce players at the table, ready to help meet your businesses’ workforce needs.

To view our annual “State of the Workforce” Report, please click here.

State of the Workforce Report