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Why Billings?

Montana is a leader in creative thinking. Big skies and fresh air seem to help people think a little better here. It’s the kind of thinking that welcomes new business. We invite you to Billings and to understand why we say Billings is where blue sky meets bottom line.

Think Billings CEO’s Speak

While we can talk about how great our community is until we are blue in the face, we decided to let our CEOs tell you for themselves why Billings is an excellent place to do business and the perfect place to live your life.


“Billings’ unique location on I-90 accommodates traffic from the East and West and intersects with the North and Southbound freight corridor, supplementing the transportation demands from Alaska and Canada to Texas and Louisiana.”

Mike Wilson, President & CEO of Whitewood Transport

Whitewood Transport is recognized as Montana’s leading motor carrier after having been awarded Montana’s Motor Carrier of the Year for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 by the Motor Carriers of Montana.

Bay Ltd.

“Billings has the regulatory framework and community infrastructure that is responsive to energy interests. From the top down, the state and city have worked hard to address our unique challenges. And that’s important to us.”

James McCord, CEO of Bay Limited

Kinetic Marketing

“One of the best things about doing business in Billings is the blended combination of hard working ethics with rock solid capabilities of the work force. Kinetic’s clients are all over the country, we compete with big city agencies, and never have I worried that our smaller urban center can’t keep up. And our people will outwork them any day. I see these characteristics everywhere I go in Billings.”

Dana Pulis, Principal of Kinetic