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Why Billings?

Montana is a leader in creative thinking. Big skies and fresh air seem to help people think a little better here. It’s the kind of thinking that welcomes new business. We invite you to Billings and to understand why we say Billings is where blue sky meets bottom line.

Think Billings Montana Best Reasons

Here are the top 8 reasons why Billings is the best place for your business to locate and expand. While we have given you the reasons in a nutshell, on each reason you can dive deeper by clicking on Get more data! We don’t just think we are the best, we have the data to back it up!

  1. Pro-business climate

    Montana ranks #6 in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate index. Additionally, Montana’s 2011 tax burden of 8.62% ranks 3rd lowest out of the 50 states and is below the national average of 9.8%. Get more data!

  2. Labor Force

    With the Montana labor force growing at a rate 51% higher than that of the U.S. as a whole and educational attainment rates for high school, two-year degrees and four-year degrees outpacing the nation your ideal labor force is here. Get more data!

  3. Location

    Billings is not only the largest city in the State of Montana, it is the largest city within 500 miles, making it the logical hub in the northern Montana region and western Canada. Billings service region includes Montana, Wyoming and the western portion of North and South Dakota. Get more data!

  4. Higher Education

    Home to Montana State University – Billings and Rocky Mountain College, approximately 7,000 highly educated students enter the Billings economy each year. Get more data!

  5. Transportation

    Billings is located at the intersection of I-90 and I-94, which connect directly with I-25 (in Sheridan) which leads to Cheyenne, Denver and beyond. We have BNSF Class I railroad and Billings Logan Airport includes UPS and FedEx air freight and is the only Montana airport capable of receiving wide-body planes. Get more data!

  6. Cost of Living

    Billings is home to utilities with reasonable rates and excellent connectivity. Get more data!

  7. Healthcare

    With two state of the art hospitals, Billings is proud to tout our world-class healthcare. Healthcare is a huge economic for Billings, in fact, it accounts for 2.6 billion in economic output in our community. Get more data!

  8. Economy

    We have the shopping. As a service hub Billings has an immense amount of retail stores and restaurants to support an excellent quality of life. Get more data!