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Billings, located in Yellowstone County, is the most populous area in a 500 mile radius and the amount of people from the surrounding areas that travel to this “hub” for its services and amenities is remarkable. This area offers many qualities key to economic success, including a solid, hard-working and educated workforce; lower than national costs of utilities along with wage; and an unquestionably pro-business environment. Billings is energized. It embraces its history, but looks forward to the future.

Industries Overview

We are committed to supporting and growing our diverse economy by attracting companies that value hard work, loyalty, and getting the job done right. We strive to create opportunities for such businesses through a variety of tax credits and abatements, workforce training programs, and many other services aimed at reducing infrastructure, equipment, and relocation costs. Click here for more details on these programs.


With shale formations, coal reserves, oil fields, and wind farm facilities surrounding Billings, our location is ideal for upstream and mid-stream oil and gas as well as other energy development companies. Sanjel, Nabors, and SM Energy are just a few of the companies that have offices and or training facilities in Billings to serve their operations in the Bakken Shale Formation.

Healthcare & Health Supply Chain

Billings is home to two-state of-the-art hospitals, Billings Clinic, and St. Vincent Healthcare. Billings Clinic, a member of the Mayo Clinic Health Network, and St. Vincent Healthcare were recently awarded by Healthgrades™ for excellence in patient safety. These hospitals are among the largest employers in our community and make Billings a great place for healthcare and health supply chain companies.

Regional Headquarters And Back Office Operations

Low labor costs and low effective tax rates makes Billings an ideal location for this industry sector. Between 2003 and 2010, Billings experienced an 8.4% compound annual growth rate in regional managing offices. Corporations like Wells Fargo and GE Capital have had great success with back office operations, and companies like KOA, Avitus Group and Tire-Rama are headquartered here.

Data Centers & It Services

Billings offers a very safe and reliable geographic location for housing data. Located on a major fiber optic route that runs from Minneapolis to Seattle, Montana’s Internet speeds are as fast as (or faster) than anywhere in the nation. The investment put into fiber allows the state to embrace next generation technology and significant growth in the technology sector.


With extremely competitive natural gas prices and access to a population of over 10 million within a day’s drive, Billings is a great place for manufacturing value-added food products, machinery and equipment, chemicals, plastics, and guns. These are all a natural fit given of Billings’ raw commodities, talented workforce, and political climate.

Warehousing Transportation & Logistics

Located a day’s drive from Denver, Calgary, Salt Lake City, and Spokane, Billings is well positioned as a warehousing and distribution hub. This industry continues to grow with FedEx Ground constructing a 146,000 sq. ft., $38 million dollar facility and local companies expanding like Gardner Distributing who is moving from a 60,000 sq. ft. facility to an 110,000 sq. ft. facility. Billings is also home to a number of specialty trucking and logistics companies.