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Billings, located in Yellowstone County, is the most populous area in a 500 mile radius and the amount of people from the surrounding areas that travel to this “hub” for its services and amenities is remarkable. This area offers many qualities key to economic success, including a solid, hard-working and educated workforce; lower than national costs of utilities along with wage; and an unquestionably pro-business environment. Billings is energized. It embraces its history, but looks forward to the future.

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Economic Overview – Yellowstone County, Montana

We know Billings is great, but it’s nice to know that others feel the same way.


Billings enjoys mild temperatures during all four seasons. Contained within this document are statistics from the National Weather Service that take a look at the Billings’ area weather in recent years.


Billings and Yellowstone County have moderately lower electrical costs than the national average, along with great communication opportunities. A wealth of long-term energy resources has resulted in utility rates that are among some of the lowest in the nation. Coal is a rich natural resource and water is plentiful and of excellent quality.

Communications & Utilities

Explore Billings and Yellowstone County’s demographics and economy in detail and discover how we can meet your needs. Throughout Yellowstone County and Montana our favorable business climate continues to fuel economic growth.


There are plenty of options for great education with the city of Billings. Incorporated within the city is the largest public school system in the state, along with two four-year colleges, a college of technology and a Baptist college. There is also a strong adult education program here and a career center. With these great resources, it is no surprise that Billings is a very well educated city.


Take advantage of a variety of incentives that reduce or eliminate taxes, support training and provide financial assistance to businesses.


Healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation, financial services, education, agriculture, energy, etc. – Billings and Yellowstone County is home to a diverse range of industries.

Major Employers

Shaped by the Yellowstone River and sheltered by the rims, Billings is the cradle of progressive regional commerce providing healthcare, transportation, diverse educational opportunities, cuisine, arts and culture.

Quality of Place

Experience our friendly business climate in Montana, where our tax code ranks as one of the best for businesses in the country.


With Billings being the largest city in Montana and also for a 500 mile radius, it has become a regional distribution hub for the surrounding communities, whether you’re moving people or products, Billings puts you in prime position.